Bavin CB-071 Micro USB Data Cable (White)

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Description / Specification

Bavin CB-071 MIcro USB Data Cable Product Features:

  • Brand: BAVIN
  • Model: CB-071 Micro
  • Color: White
  • efficient data sync
  • metallic finishing
  • woven pattern
  • free magic band
  • 4.0 core transport more rapid
  • fast charge

1. High-quality copper wire maximizes signal quality and increases durability
2. High-resistance insulation protects each set of wires
3. Wire, aluminum foil, and mylar shielding reduces interference and provides additional layers of protection to prevent wear
4. Outer jacket made of solid pvc helps to protect the cables from damage and frying.

Data cable, charging cable combo. Simultaneous charging and data synchronization. Unique high pressure of aluminum to strength the interface and durable. USB 2.0, compatible with all USB versions, beautifully fit assurance and joints. Charging and data synchronization transmission combined.

Fast transmission and better perforamnce. Give full play to good transmission effect. You can use this cable lightning interfaces. Connect your mobile device to your computer's USB port, whether charged or data synchronization, the speed is very block.

The interface is factory Cengcengbaguan test. Quality assurance USB head is made using high-precision metal material comprising a protective stainless steel housing, strengthen quality monitoring details.

High-quality materials, quality assurance. More convenient and more reliable BAVIN using high-quality TPE material, both wear-resistant properties, to ensure safe and reliable charging cable.

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