Camon 19 pro 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM

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Camon 19 pro

Camon 19 Pro
Your Ultra Shine In The Night

Tecno True Tone
Night Portrait System

Multi-play in Photography

Premium Design

First RGBW+G+P Sensitive
Lens in 64MP Main Camera

RGBW technology replaces a G (Green) with a W (White) in the traditional RGGB pixel, and G+P technology replaces one of the traditional plastic lenses with a high-clear crystal glass lens,a stronng combination that increases the light intake by more than 208% and significantly the brightness of the image.

OIS+EIS Stabilization X
Laser focus

So what if your movements are extra large? There are OIS + EIS double-pronged,for your video picture stable escort;even in the dark environment, the laser can focus quickly to capture your every move.

Bright Night Portrait Video

Shining You in Dark Night.When the vedio night view algorithn detects that the ambient brigtness is dark,it will work with RGBW+(G+P)super-sensitive lens to enchance the brightness of the image;plus ois+eis Stabilization,you bright and stable portrait is guaranteed.

HDR Video

Even in backlit environments,you can take great films.With HDR mode on,backlit portraits are clearer and reveal more details of the human face.

Film Master
More templates added in CAMON 19 PRO,you can play with a variety of transitions,camera movemonts,and music chioces to get a glimopse of what being a movie director feels like.

Portrait Video Bokeh

Infuse your vedio with something interesting ewith Portrait vedio bokeh,The background vedio will be blurred while the portrait you want to focus on will become sharper and more distinct.

Multi-play in Photography


The optimal focal length distance of 50mm allows you to shoot videos and photos with cleare and more stereo portrait outlines without distortion.Select portrait mode and choose 2x portrait with bokeh to highlight portraits,and a casual shot will be a magazine-quality blockbuster.

32MP Pro Selfie Camera
Fill in the light for your selfies with super light algorithm,highlight your beauty even in the dark.

Professional Mode
Your photography soul is nowhere to rest,Night scenes,starry slies,star trails,sports,traffic...A;; kinds of blockbuster shots at your disposal,so you can quickly become a master photographer.

Dual-core 3D LUT
The Dual-core 3D LUT technology can optimize the background and portrait separately:for portrait optimization,it can make the skin tone more natural and clothing more realistic;for background optimazation,it can maek the color of natural scenery more vivid.

Super Night With Filters
Your night is your!You can choose from vrious cool and fun filters to take super stylish photos,and youll be the best socialite!

AI Beauty
Upgrade your beauty according to different skin tones together with AI intelligent recognition of men and women for differentiated beauty.

One click to change sky

Premium Design

The 0.98mm Slimmest Bezel
The industry TOP 1 extremely slim bezel as slim as 0.98mm
No sense of black edge,greater expansion of vusual range.

Dazzling Backshell with 200 million stars
We moved the Milky way to your phone.The diamond coating of 200 million stars is like a brigth starry sky;the delicate touch,non-stick fingerprints and premium texture will make you love it.

Star Diamod Twin Camera
Twin Camera design symbolizes the CAMON 19 series dual image units working together.
Day or night,the star diamond makes you shine brighter.

Slim And Straight
Breakthrough of One-piece slim body.
The mid-frame platform surface is slightly curved,with soft R-angles on both sides to ensure a rounded feel wherever you hold it

Eco Black
The delicate feel and dynamic lens light and shadow make the glittering starlight converge in this charming night.

Polar Blue
Beware,dont be dazzled by the polar blue of the CAMON 19 PRO.
The brightest starlight has been fetched to your phone.

Superior Performance

CPU Helio G96
CAMON 19 PRO will blow you away with its powerful perfomance.Say hello to MTK G 96 chip with its Better display,more image processing power and faster speed.

6.8" FHD + High Gamut Display

Broader Screen,Better Vision.High color gamut for richer and fuller colors.
A new level of visual experience with the CAMON 19 PRO'S massive 6.8 FHD +Dispplay.

120HZ high refresh rate
The 120hz high refresh rate allows you to browse information or watch videos smoothly;the game graphics are smoother,more detailed,and fully immersive!

TuV Rheinland Certification Display
CAMON 19 Pro's TuV Rheinland certified screen allows for a more realistic and natural color display while protecting your eyes form dryness.

Blue light is part of nature's electromagnetic energy spectrum.
Compared to other colors,blue light has shorter wavelengths and higher energy and has biological effects,including effects on the eyes.
Play an hour on the phone you can take a five-minute break,look away or do eye exercise to relieve eye strain.
How to enter eye care mode
setting,display & brightness eye care

256 + 8GB

Mega Memory + Memory Fusion

Extra large memory (256GB +8GB)capacity to store everything you want.Convert idle ROM Mmemory to RAM memory though memory fusion technology to fully enchance the smoothness of your phone
Extended RAM UP TO 5GB.

5000Mah Large Battery + 33W Flash Charge

Gone are the days of low power.5000mah battery for continuous battery life;coupled with 33W Flash Charge,it can be fully charged in 65 minutes.


CAMON 19 PRO guards your transaction strictly with NFC technology.
Every payment will be simple,easy and safe.

HIOS 8.6


Polar Blue \ Eco Black
64MP Bright Night Portrait (OIS)
The 0.98mm Slimmest Bezel
50MP 50mm Pro Portrait Camera
32MP Pro Selfie Camera
120Hz FHD+ High Gamut Display (6.8")
33W Flash Charge,5000mAh
Helio G96 Octa-Core
256GB+8GB Memory
128GB+8GB Memory

Height: 166.79 mm
Width: 74.55mm
Thickness: 8.58mm
120Hz FHD+ High Gamut Display (6.8")
1080*2460 Resolution
256GB ROM + 8GB RAM Memory
128GB ROM + 8GB RAM Memory
Helio G96 Octa-Core
33W Flash Charge

Network & Connectivity

Camera & Interface
32MP Front Camera
64MP Triple Rear Camera with Quad Flash

Ambient Light and Distance Sensor
Fingerprint Sensor

In the Box
Phone * 1
Charger cable * 1
Charger * 1

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