Tecno CAMON 30 Premier 5G

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Tecno CAMON 30 Premier 5G

Dual Chips Image
Sony Imaging Chip

The brand-new Sony imaging chip, first equipped on the CAMON 30 Premier 5G, leads the industry with end-side FP16 operation, bringing the NPU's computing power to reach the industry's leading level. It also elevates computational photography processing to the RAW domain, achieving almost lossless processing effects.

Computing Power

+30.3 dB
Signal-to-noise Ratio

*Datas from TECNO Labs.

Industry's First
4K 30fps Full-scene AI-NR HDR Video
Previously, HDR effects were limited to well-lit scenes due to computational constraints. We've expanded this. Now, enjoy high dynamic range anytime, day or night. Capture more details. Experience the magic of light and shadow!

Dual Chips 4K Ultra-night Vision
A candle's light for a 4K video shoot? CAMON rises to this challenge. Using Deep Learning noise reduction algorithms, it significantly cuts down image noise in low-light conditions, ensuring picture purity.

Dual Chips
4K Portrait Video
We are committed to addressing the industry challenge of color noise elimination. Our image chip ensures a 20bit color range for realistic video color saturation. In 4K portrait videos, the clarity is exceptional. Skin tones, attire, and surroundings are reproduced to the fullest.

Snap the Impossible,Make it Possible

Global Extreme Capture Journey

Zoom out Wonders,
Zoom in Figures

Up to 60X Hybrid Zoom
Full Focal Length

From microcosms to ultra-wide perspectives, from human-interest photography to close-up portraits, to telescope-like long focus, CAMON delivers a full-range focal experience only true flagship phones offer. Leaving the heavy photography gear at home when traveling. Any scene, near or far, turns into a masterpiece.

50MP Macro
0.6X Optical
1X Optical
3X Optical
10X Optical
30X Optical
60X Optical

Main Camera

Capture the poetry of the night, all in your hands—Sony's flagship imaging marvel, the revolutionary of night photography. With the addition of a super-large aperture, taking pictures at night just became better. The formidable strength of the large sensor dramatically elevates sensitivity, capturing unparalleled night scenes. State-of-the-art optical stabilization technology eradicates the worries of shaky hands, leaving behind a crisp night without a trace of blur. During the day, the 50MP ultra-high-definition lens misses no detail, and at night, the industry-leading pixel fusion technology turns the main camera into a night vision tool, recording all the hidden beauty. Choose Sony, and make your nights as spectacular as your days, embarking on your night photography journey.

Ultra-high Light-intake Aperture

Optical Stablization

Night Shooting Large Sensor

Large Fusion Pixel

Snap the Best,
Outshine the Rest
Professional Periscopic
Portrait Lens

70mm Golden Close-up
Focal Length

Worried about photos not doing justice? You need to experience a professional portrait lens. Just frame your subject and get pro-like compositions. Every shot is a masterpiece. The extended focal length naturally blurs the background. In every photo, you are the star.

Convenient Composition

CAMON 30 Premier 5G

Periscopic Lens

When shooting portraits at night, compared to the traditional method of using the main camera to shoot and then cropping the image, it can fully utilize the photosensitive area of the sensor, significantly reducing image noise and blur. This portrait lens ensures you shine, day or night.
CAMON 30 Premier 5G

AI Motion Snapshot
Still posing stiffly? Sometimes, it's the candid moments that touch us the most. CAMON offers ultra-fast snapshot experience. Every glance, every jump - captured with precision.

Maximum Shutter Speed
*Datas from TECNO Labs.

Focus That Locks,
Clarity That Rocks
50MP Eye-tracking Autofocus Front Camera

Reshape the selfie legend, CAMON is upgraded anew, leading you into the ultra-high-definition realm! Equipped with an unprecedented 50MP ultra-clear front camera, CAMON stands out among its peers, making every selfie a visual feast. With advanced human eye-tracking technology, it captures your charm in every moment—the beauty of the details, ready to be unveiled. Whether it's for daily spontaneous beauty enhancement or professional live streaming and Vlog creation, CAMON is your personal style consultant. Holding CAMON, you're at the forefront of trends, lighting up your social atlas, becoming a dazzling focus, and letting the world witness the extraordinary you!


Maximum Focusing Speed

Ultra Clear

*Datas from TECNO Labs.

Universal Tone

We believe in boundless beauty, where every skin tone is nature's verse. Leveraging years of TECNO's portrait data and collaboration with leading color research institutes, we've crafted a cutting-edge skin tone tuning technology. Our mission is to enhance the true essense of beauty, enabling everyone to reveal their true selves on camera. Regardless of your location or skin color, CAMON stands with you to capture every dazzling moment.

Cooprated with
School of Design at University of Leeds

Billion Grade
Multi-skin Big Data

Shoot the Fun,AI'S Begun

AIGC Portrait

Shoot the Fun,
AI's Begun

AI Erase

Deep in your photo album, are those cherished moments always missing the chance to shine on social media? Have you ever had a perfect portrait marred by an unintended passerby? Now, let artificial intelligence be your photo wizard. Whether you're a travel enthusiast or a photography fanatic, our AI technology will breathe new life into your memories, turning your photos into a magnet for likes. Once you experience it, you'll join us in never wanting to miss out on any opportunity to perfectly present a splendid image.

ide-axis Camera Design
Pursue professionalism, achieve excellence. If you too dream of becoming a master of imagery, then CAMON's meticulously crafted mobile imaging upgrade experience is something you cannot afford to miss. We've ingeniously infused the soul of the classic rangefinder camera into the modern design of a smartphone, creating a masterpiece that is both lightweight and slim, yet the image quality remains stunningly admirable. Each time you deftly pull it out of your pocket, it's bound to provoke a wave of envious gasps!

Classic Zoom Ring Design
With the twist of the classic zoom ring, CAMON brings you back to the essence of photography. We have ingeniously integrated this iconic design into the phone, adding a unique charm to your world in the palm. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but its meticulously designed structure also cleverly aids in heat dissipation, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the device. Every inch of design, every detail, is a tribute to CAMON's dedication to craftsmanship.

Smart Breathing Light
"Action!" With that call, greatness begins. The soul of the classic camera is now infused into the smart device in your hand. It's not just an indicator light; it's a beacon of trend. Pick up your phone and usher in the era of handheld cinematography. Be the first to experience, and make every moment extraordinary.

Video Recording

Voice Assistant

Feel the Texture,
Nature's Lecture

Industry's First Tech-art Leather
Experience luxury at your fingertips, encapsulated within a light grasp. CAMON proudly presents a pioneering move in smartphone design, merging a unique new material to craft an exceptional leather-like texture. Our innovative technology ensures that even amidst sweaty palms, you can enjoy a lotus leaf-like perfect hydrophobic touch, maintaining a consistently refreshing grip. The exclusive Nature Flow texture technique transforms each phone into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, making every touch akin to a whisper of bespoke luxury. CAMON, broaden your horizons, touch the extraordinary.

Nature Flow Texture
Capturing nature's complex textures, we've skillfully infused these elements into the CAMON phone's design. Nature Flow is more than a style—it lets you grasp the vast beauty of peaks and lakes within your palm.

All-around Tough,
Totally Enough

Unibody Aerospace-grade
Metal Frame

The most robust body in CAMON's history, crafted from aerospace-grade metal for an integrated mid-frame. It offers significantly enhanced durability and scratch resistance, while staying lightweight. Its unique metallic texture gives it a high-end look compared to traditional plastic frames. Every time you hold it, it feels like a classic camera.

Corning Gorilla

Daily scratches are inevitable, and a little scratch can drive you crazy. We have equipped the phone screen with Corning Gorilla Glass, which has greatly improved scratch and wear resistance compared to previous products. Better protect your phone, so you no longer have to be overly cautious in daily use.

Drop Resistant

Scratch Resistant


Desire 2k clarity and 1080P's energy effeciency?We might have the perfect solution.This 1.5k screen offers a significant upgrade in clarity over its predecessor,along with a full billion-color spectrum.

Its ultra-narrow bezel further expands your view. Whether you're browsing photos, watching videos, or gaming, it's the ideal companion.

1400 nit
Peak Luminance

One Billion Colors
Full Chain


Wet Finger Touchscreen
Answering a phone call with wet hands during a shower; unlocking the screen when there's water on it on a rainy day; fingers sweating from gaming too intensely. In the past, phones became difficult to operate with wet hands, greatly affecting our daily lives. But now, with the introduction of Wet Finger Touchscreen Operation, all these issues are smoothly resolved.

(12GB Extended RAM)


How can the fun of gaming be spoiled by screen lag and software crashes? With a brand-new upgrade, we present the strongest cooling combination in CAMON's history, all-round three-dimensional heat dissipation technology, leading you to experience an unprecedented fast gaming feast! Every trigger, every confrontation, CAMON is there to assist you.

VC Liquid Cooling

Total Cooling Area

Heat Dissipation Capacity

*Datas from TECNO Labs.

Stunning Sights,
Sound Delights

Dolby Atmos
Stereo Dual Speakers
Not all cinemas are Atmos, not all audio certifications are Dolby Atmos. Our stereo speakers deliver sound from all directions in games and videos. Enjoy immersive audio-visual experiences with Dolby Atmos.

X-axis Linear Motor
Experience the rhythm of touch with our revolutionary X-axis motor. It's not just a touch, it's a new level of precision and thrill. Say goodbye to outdated vibrations and immerse in every deep strike.

Charge So Fast Long to Last

70W Ultra Charge

No more battery worries with CAMON’s 5000mAh large battery, ushering you into a new level of sustained endurance. With ultra charging, your phone revives fully while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Presenting the strongest battery life ever, you can delve into exciting games, relish TV dramas, or capture life's beautiful moments without the concern of charging. Savour every moment life has to offer.

1600+ Times
Cyclic Charging Test

Charging Test

Ultra Charge

About 45 Minutes
From 0 to 100%

*Datas from TECNO Labs.


Hawaii Lava Black / Alps Snowy Silver / LOEWE. Design Edition

Operating System
Android 14

MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate 5G



6.77'' 1.5K+AMOLED 120Hz LTPO


Front: 50MP AF

Rear: 50MP 1/1.56'' OIS+50 3X+50 UW, Rear Quad Flash

512GB ROM+24GB RAM* (12GB+12GB Extended)


Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor
Electronic compass
Infrared Remote Control
Fingerprint Sensor

Battery Capacity
70W Ultra Charge

Dual Speakers
Dolby Atmos



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