One Guard Tempered Glass ( A51/ A01 Core/ A71 )

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Size: Samsung Galaxy A51
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Description / Specification

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One Guard is made with specially processed tempered glass to protect screen on the device from shock and scratches, absorbing impact effectively.

Scratch Resistant Technology

Scratch hardness reaches 9H, can resist the daily tool scratches and a certain degree of external shock.

High Transparency

High transparency up to 100%, uniform thickness, smooth surface, color display to show the most vivid picture.

Can be used repeatedly

Easy to remove without adhesive residue left on the surface of screen.

Collision Test

The best explosion proof film in the market, excellent ability of bearing external collision by hard object to effectively protect the screen. if broken, the small pieces are not sharp, making it safer for users.

Instructions for Installation

  • Thoroughly clean LCD screen using the microfiber cloth.
  • Peel the No. 1 liner without touching the adhesive side. Carefully align and place film on the screen.
  • Use the enclosed squeegee card to push trapped air bubbles to edge of the film.
  • Remove the label marked No. 2 after final liner is removed. 

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