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XO EP2 Type C Wired Earphone (White) - Accessories - Save 'N Earn Wireless
XO PB51 Power Bank 10000mAh (Black)
XO L36 Charger  with Type C USB Cable-XO-Save 'N Earn Wireless
XO L27  Charger with Type-C Cable (White) - Accessories - Save 'N Earn Wireless
XO-CB1 Bluetooth Earphone + Car ChargerXO-CB1 Bluetooth Earphone + Car Charger
XO C46 Folding Desktop Phone StandXO C46 Folding Desktop Phone Stand
Save ₱59
XO-C37 Car Gravity Phone StandXO-C37 Car Gravity Phone Stand
XO XO-C37 Car Gravity Phone Stand
₱340 ₱399
XO L45 Charger with USB-C Cable-XO-Save 'N Earn Wireless
XO NB149C Mini Adaptor Micro  To Type-C USB Adapter

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