BAVIN 50000mAh 2.1A Quick to Charge Large Capacity LI-Polymer Battery PC068 With 3 USB Port and LED Flash Light

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Description / Specification

Brand: BAVIN

Model: PC068

Free 28cm Micro USB Cable( 2.1A - Quick Charging Cable)

Color: Black, White

Battery Capacity: 50000mAh


Input Ports (2): Type C, Micro USB

Rated Input: Type C and Micro USB = 5V/2.0A(MAX)

Output (3USB): 5V/2.1A(MAX)

Product Dimension: 68.6mm X 63.7mm X 142mm

Large Capacity: One full charge, can be used for 1 WEEK

High-Density Lithium Polymer Battery

LED Flash Light

Applicability: Mobile phone, Tablet, Bluetooth Earbuds, Smart Watch,

Product Features

3 USB Fast charging output DC 5V-21A, Input( MICRO/TYPE-C) DC5V-2.1A

50000mAh high capacity and Long-term charging for your mobile phone

Lights show power, at a glance, refused to blindly charge

Harsh material selection, product excellence, safely is always our first pursuit of precision manufacturing of high temperature shell, fire impact

High-desnsity LI-polymer batteries, not only antiknock but also to prevent leakage of power, more efficient charging

Smart compatible main device, fully compatible with iPhone / Samsung / Huawei / Oppo / Vivo and smartmathing tablet devices

to protect the charging equipment from damage.

Security, a mobile power with 11 kinds of security, after 88 quality inspection process.

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