realme Power Bank 3i 10000mAh

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Description / Specification

12W Two-way Quick Charge/ Dual Type-A Output Ports/ 14 Layers Circuit Protection

12W Two-way Quick Charge:
Fast Charge & Recharge. Compared with the common 10W power bank, it provides a faster charging. Whether it's charging your device or getting charged itself, the power bank can significantly reduce the usual charging time.

realme Power Bank 2i 10000mAh Specs:
10000 mAh capacity
12W Two-way Quick Charge
Dual output ports
14 Layer circuit protection
Compact design and easily fits in your pocket
Comfortable grid design for a superior hand-feel
Color Available: Black, Yellow

Dual Type-A Output Ports
Charge Two Devices Together
Two USB-A ports of realme Power Bank 2i support simultaneous output to charge two devices at the same time. During a trip, share the power with your friends conveniently.

Dual Input Ports
Easy to Recharge. Realme Power Bank 2i features two input ports: USB-C and Micro USB, so that you can charge the power bank easily, using any cable of any Android service.

High-density Lithium-polymer Batteries. Large Capacity, High Efficiency. High-density lithium-polymer batteries inside the power bank ensure efficient and stable charging. An ultra-large capacity of 10000mAh powers your devices for many times. Just power up on the go.

1.7times. Charge realme 7 Pro (4500mAh)
2.1times. Charge iPhone 11 Pro (3190mAh)

14 Layers Circuit Protection

Trendsetting Design. Sleek & Slim, Superb Hand-Feel. Embossed with tens of thousands of unique micro-stripes that form a beautiful grid texture, the power bank also has an eye catching "realme", giving prominence to its trendy design. An ergonomic 3D curved shape makes it comfortable and easy to hold.

250g weight
15.7mm thickness

Low Current Mode for AloT Devices. Safely Charge Accessories. Double tap the power button to turn on low-current mode for charging AloT devices. The built in intelligent chip can quickly detect different AloT devices while matching different output power.

Basic Specifications:
Product Name: realme 10000mAh Power Bank 2i
Model: RMP2004
Battery Capacity: 10000mAh/37.0Wh
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Input Interface: USB-C/Micro USB
Output Interface: USB-A *2
Input: USB-C 5V-2.4A, Micro USB 5V-2A
Output: USB-A1-2.4A, USB-A2 5V-2.4A
Output Dual Port: 5V-2.4 (max)
Color: Black and Yellow

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