Life is Full of Decisions.

Decisions are difficult to make. The fear of the unknown, the fear of regret, the fear of making the wrong decision. Choices are hard because we're afraid. And we understand that.

Nowadays, our gadgets are a vital part of our lives. It is not just a piece of mobile technology, It is our very own personal tool to connect us to the world. Your very own mobile phone is not something you just buy or replace without thought. Finding the right phone for your needs can be a daunting task, finding the right seller can prove to be even more.

But we are hoping to turn that tough purchase decision into an easy, well-informed and even an amazing buying experience.

Why shop with SAVE 'N EARN WIRELESS?

For some, buying online might be something new. While others may have had multiple online buying experiences. Some unfortunate individuals, however, might have had awful, regretful experiences.

For people who have no experience purchasing online at all, buying a phone through the internet might be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. You might have heard a lot of horror stories from people about how they purchased gadgets through online retailer giants thinking they were so cheap you couldn't afford to miss the deal, but ended up paying even more for the wrong decision.

The phones you buy online probably don't even have a 1-year warranty which is a basic consumer right in the Philippines. Or, you worry that your phones might get lost along the way while it's being delivered to you. They might not even arrive at your doorstep and you've already paid a ton of cash online to buy it. And where would you run to for help?

The fear considerably rises especially when buying high-ticket items—products that cost an arm and a leg—like you’re next Samsung S6 or Iphone 6+

This is where Save ‘n Earn Wireless comes in.

From Offline to Online

We are a pioneer and one of the leading cellphones and mobile gadgets retail chain carrying both major international and local mobile phone brands, such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Iphone, Acer, Nokia, Myphone, Cherry Mobile, Arc Mobile, Alcatel, Oppo, O+, DTC, Asus, Gionee, Happy Mobile, Sony, Starmobile, Torque, Cloudphone, Kingcom, Lenovo, and HTC, and making them available to major cities in the Visayas Region thru our chain of close to 40 branches for over 20 years.

Now, we have launched our online e-Commerce shop to serve every Filipino nationwide—regardless of location. We aim to make owning your gadget more convenient, faster, better-informed and a more satisfying experience. We've transformed the user experience to attain a convergence of physical and virtual customer touchpoints. Customers also get Loyalty Points for every purchase which they could use for future shopping. For those who are Entrepreneurial you can get Commissions through our Affiliate Program.

Being in the business for over two decades, we understand your hesitations and reluctance to buy your phone online. And so, we have made our branches available as pick-up points for your online purchases as well as after-sales centers. No need to worry about not knowing where to run to when you have problems with your purchases, all our products are honored in all of the Phone Brand’s Service Centers Nationwide. All you need is to show them our Sales Invoice.

On top of that, we offer Cash-on-Delivery services so you won’t have to pay until you have the product in your hands and its delivered for Free. We also offer free delivery for selected units purchased thru Paypal or Dragonpay and soon thru Mepay and a lot more.

We're not just a bodega of items here and there but we're a pioneer and leading mobile phone retail chain that has served countless of customers for over 20 years and are now starting to serve even more customers with the help of the internet.

We've stood the test of time and will continue to innovate. When you need our help with your mobile phone, we're available in person and virtually. We'll always be here to help you!

Industry Expertise and Track Record

With over 20 years of industry expertise, we're not just your average mobile phone retailer on the corner of some shady street selling low priced phones with questionable quality and authenticity but we're a mobile phone powerhouse who only sell 100% warrantied phones at affordable and consumer-friendly prices. We sell phones that are only the best and of the highest calibre because we believe our customers only deserve the best wireless possibilities.

Having been awarded a number of accolades in the industry—multiple Outstanding and Top Reseller Awards, 2007 Franchise Awards, 2006 National Shopper’s Choices Awards and 2006 Philippine Quality Awards for Business Excellence—we are committed on providing excellent customer experience when you buy your phone whether be it offline or online.

Decisions are hard to make. But having a partner with the right credentials—industry expertise, solid track record, excellent customer service and a commitment to creating the best wireless possibilities—things are a lot easier to decide.

So the next time you want to buy a mobile phone, make the easy choice.

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